Wyoming, United States Climate Records

Warmest January Days

The warmest January days in Wyoming are:

Sheridan, Wyoming197469.8°F
Sheridan, Wyoming200569.1°F
Sheridan, Wyoming198168°F
Sheridan, Wyoming200868°F
Sheridan, Wyoming200268°F

Coldest January Days

The coldest January days in Wyoming were:

Sheridan, Wyoming1997-34.6°F
Casper, Wyoming1980-32.1°F
Casper, Wyoming1979-30.1°F
Sheridan, Wyoming1979-30.1°F
Cheyenne, Wyoming1984-29°F

Wettest January Days

The wettest single days in January occurred:

Sheridan, Wyoming19733.9 inches
Sheridan, Wyoming19932.1 inches
Sheridan, Wyoming19761.3 inches
Cheyenne, Wyoming19801.2 inches
Cheyenne, Wyoming19761.1 inches