Wyoming, United States Climate Records

Warmest February Days

The warmest February days in Wyoming are:

Sheridan, Wyoming198275.9°F
Sheridan, Wyoming199572°F
Sheridan, Wyoming200571.1°F
Sheridan, Wyoming199270°F
Cheyenne, Wyoming195069.1°F

Coldest February Days

The coldest February days in Wyoming were:

Sheridan, Wyoming1989-32.3°F
Casper, Wyoming2006-32.1°F
Sheridan, Wyoming1985-30.1°F
Casper, Wyoming2003-29.9°F
Casper, Wyoming1989-29°F

Wettest February Days

The wettest single days in February occurred:

Sheridan, Wyoming19732 inches
Sheridan, Wyoming20051.1 inches
Sheridan, Wyoming20040.8 inches
Sheridan, Wyoming19850.8 inches
Casper, Wyoming19830.8 inches