Wisconsin, United States Climate Records

Warmest March Days

The warmest March days in Wisconsin are:

Milwaukee, Wisconsin201284°F
LaCrosse, Wisconsin198684°F
LaCrosse, Wisconsin200782.9°F
Madison, Wisconsin201282.9°F
LaCrosse, Wisconsin201282.9°F

Coldest March Days

The coldest March days in Wisconsin were:

LaCrosse, Wisconsin1962-27.6°F
Madison, Wisconsin1962-27°F
LaCrosse, Wisconsin1950-17.7°F
LaCrosse, Wisconsin1948-16.6°F
Madison, Wisconsin1960-14.1°F

Wettest March Days

The wettest single days in March occurred:

Madison, Wisconsin19983 inches
Madison, Wisconsin19732.4 inches
Milwaukee, Wisconsin19762.3 inches
LaCrosse, Wisconsin19732 inches
Madison, Wisconsin20091.9 inches