Wisconsin, United States Climate Records

Warmest February Days

The warmest February days in Wisconsin are:

Milwaukee, Wisconsin199966.9°F
Milwaukee, Wisconsin197664.9°F
LaCrosse, Wisconsin200064.4°F
LaCrosse, Wisconsin198164°F
Milwaukee, Wisconsin200064°F

Coldest February Days

The coldest February days in Wisconsin were:

LaCrosse, Wisconsin1996-35°F
LaCrosse, Wisconsin1985-30.1°F
Madison, Wisconsin1996-27.9°F
Madison, Wisconsin1985-27.9°F
Madison, Wisconsin1959-27.6°F

Wettest February Days

The wettest single days in February occurred:

LaCrosse, Wisconsin19941.9 inches
Milwaukee, Wisconsin19601.7 inches
Madison, Wisconsin19481.6 inches
Milwaukee, Wisconsin20011.6 inches
Milwaukee, Wisconsin19941.6 inches