Wisconsin, United States Climate Records

Warmest August Days

The warmest August days in Wisconsin are:

LaCrosse, Wisconsin1988105.1°F
LaCrosse, Wisconsin1955103.3°F
LaCrosse, Wisconsin1948103.3°F
Milwaukee, Wisconsin1988102.9°F
Madison, Wisconsin1988102°F

Coldest August Days

The coldest August days in Wisconsin were:

LaCrosse, Wisconsin195036°F
Madison, Wisconsin197936.9°F
Madison, Wisconsin196437.4°F
Madison, Wisconsin195837.4°F
Madison, Wisconsin197737.9°F

Wettest August Days

The wettest single days in August occurred:

Milwaukee, Wisconsin19929 inches
Madison, Wisconsin19929 inches
LaCrosse, Wisconsin20076 inches
Madison, Wisconsin20074.4 inches
Madison, Wisconsin20013.9 inches