Vermont, United States Climate Records

Weather history and climate summary information is available for the following locations:

Warmest July Days

The warmest July days in Vermont are:

Burlington, Vermont195399.3°F
Burlington, Vermont197799°F
Burlington, Vermont199599°F
Burlington, Vermont194998.4°F
Burlington, Vermont195597.3°F

Coldest July Days

The coldest July days in Vermont were:

Burlington, Vermont196239.4°F
Burlington, Vermont197839.9°F
Burlington, Vermont200139.9°F
Burlington, Vermont199241°F
Burlington, Vermont196442.4°F

Wettest July Days

The wettest single days in July occurred:

Burlington, Vermont19924.5 inches
Burlington, Vermont19852.7 inches
Burlington, Vermont19982.3 inches
Burlington, Vermont19802 inches
Burlington, Vermont19892 inches