Texas, United States Climate Records

Warmest May Days

The warmest May days in Texas are:

Wink, Texas2008111.9°F
Wink, Texas2005111.9°F
Wink, Texas2003111.9°F
Wink, Texas2000111°F
Wink, Texas2006111°F

Coldest May Days

The coldest May days in Texas were:

Amarillo, Texas195428.4°F
Amarillo, Texas199130.9°F
Amarillo, Texas197030.9°F
Amarillo, Texas200832°F
Lubbock, Texas201132°F

Wettest May Days

The wettest single days in May occurred:

Del Rio, Texas200813.2 inches
Lubbock, Texas197312.2 inches
Victoria, Texas197311.4 inches
Abilene, Texas197310.2 inches
Victoria, Texas19937.7 inches