Tennessee, United States Climate Records

Warmest December Days

The warmest December days in Tennessee are:

Memphis, Tennessee198281°F
Knoxville, Tennessee198280.1°F
Nashville, Tennessee198279°F
Chattanooga, Tennessee199877°F
Memphis, Tennessee200877°F

Coldest December Days

The coldest December days in Tennessee were:

Nashville, Tennessee1989-9.9°F
Knoxville, Tennessee1983-6°F
Nashville, Tennessee1983-5.1°F
Memphis, Tennessee1989-4.2°F
Chattanooga, Tennessee1983-2°F

Wettest December Days

The wettest single days in December occurred:

Knoxville, Tennessee19895.6 inches
Memphis, Tennessee19874.5 inches
Memphis, Tennessee19824.2 inches
Memphis, Tennessee20114.1 inches
Chattanooga, Tennessee19733.9 inches