Oregon, United States Climate Records

Warmest June Days

The warmest June days in Oregon are:

Medford, Oregon1992109°F
Medford, Oregon1987107.1°F
Medford, Oregon2006105.1°F
Medford, Oregon1985104°F
Medford, Oregon1990104°F

Coldest June Days

The coldest June days in Oregon were:

Eugene, Oregon197632°F
Medford, Oregon197632.9°F
Eugene, Oregon200133.1°F
Eugene, Oregon200733.8°F
Medford, Oregon198433.8°F

Wettest June Days

The wettest single days in June occurred:

Portland, Oregon19944 inches
Eugene, Oregon19931.6 inches
Portland, Oregon19851.5 inches
Portland, Oregon19971.5 inches
Portland, Oregon20101.4 inches