Ohio, United States Climate Records

Warmest June Days

The warmest June days in Ohio are:

Dayton, Ohio2012103.8°F
Columbus, Ohio1988102.9°F
Cincinnati, Ohio2012102.9°F
Dayton, Ohio1988102.9°F
Cleveland, Ohio1988102.9°F

Coldest June Days

The coldest June days in Ohio were:

Dayton, Ohio199833.8°F
Cleveland, Ohio197734.9°F
Youngstown, Ohio198635.1°F
Youngstown, Ohio198035.1°F
Youngstown, Ohio199235.1°F

Wettest June Days

The wettest single days in June occurred:

Dayton, Ohio19813.8 inches
Dayton, Ohio19803.7 inches
Columbus, Ohio20083.6 inches
Dayton, Ohio19873.6 inches
Youngstown, Ohio19863.6 inches