Ohio, United States Climate Records

Warmest July Days

The warmest July days in Ohio are:

Dayton, Ohio1936106.3°F
Cincinnati, Ohio1999105.1°F
Dayton, Ohio2012104°F
Dayton, Ohio2012102.9°F
Columbus, Ohio1954102.4°F

Coldest July Days

The coldest July days in Ohio were:

Youngstown, Ohio200139.9°F
Youngstown, Ohio199643°F
Dayton, Ohio198843°F
Youngstown, Ohio197943°F
Youngstown, Ohio199543°F

Wettest July Days

The wettest single days in July occurred:

Cleveland, Ohio19829.9 inches
Columbus, Ohio19855.1 inches
Dayton, Ohio19754.9 inches
Youngstown, Ohio20034.2 inches
Dayton, Ohio19904 inches