New York, United States Climate Records

Warmest February Days

The warmest February days in New York are:

Newburgh, New York195475.9°F
New York, New York198573°F
New York, New York199772°F
Rochester, New York199772°F
Buffalo, New York200071.1°F

Coldest February Days

The coldest February days in New York were:

Watertown, New York2007-35°F
Watertown, New York1973-34.1°F
Watertown, New York1979-32.1°F
Watertown, New York1994-31°F
Watertown, New York1961-31°F

Wettest February Days

The wettest single days in February occurred:

Syracuse, New York19733.5 inches
New York, New York19733.3 inches
Watertown, New York19953.1 inches
Buffalo, New York20022.2 inches
Watertown, New York19542.1 inches