New Jersey, United States Climate Records

Warmest January Days

The warmest January days in New Jersey are:

Wrightstown, New Jersey195073.9°F
Atlantic City, New Jersey195073.4°F
Newark, New Jersey200772.3°F
Wrightstown, New Jersey200772.1°F
Atlantic City, New Jersey200772°F

Coldest January Days

The coldest January days in New Jersey were:

Atlantic City, New Jersey1977-10.1°F
Atlantic City, New Jersey1985-9.2°F
Newark, New Jersey1985-8.1°F
Atlantic City, New Jersey1987-8.1°F
Wrightstown, New Jersey1984-7.8°F

Wettest January Days

The wettest single days in January occurred:

Newark, New Jersey19764 inches
Atlantic City, New Jersey19733.5 inches
Wrightstown, New Jersey19793 inches
Atlantic City, New Jersey19943 inches
Wrightstown, New Jersey19992.7 inches