New Jersey, United States Climate Records

Warmest March Days

The warmest March days in New Jersey are:

Wrightstown, New Jersey199889.6°F
Newark, New Jersey197788°F
Wrightstown, New Jersey194587.4°F
Atlantic City, New Jersey199887.1°F
Newark, New Jersey199086°F

Coldest March Days

The coldest March days in New Jersey were:

Atlantic City, New Jersey20093°F
Atlantic City, New Jersey20073.9°F
Atlantic City, New Jersey19805°F
Atlantic City, New Jersey19845°F
Wrightstown, New Jersey19436.4°F

Wettest March Days

The wettest single days in March occurred:

Newark, New Jersey20103.5 inches
Atlantic City, New Jersey20003 inches
Newark, New Jersey19912.8 inches
Atlantic City, New Jersey19942.8 inches
Newark, New Jersey19772.6 inches