Nevada, United States Climate Records

Warmest December Days

The warmest December days in Nevada are:

Las Vegas, Nevada195877.4°F
Las Vegas, Nevada195576.3°F
Las Vegas, Nevada194975.4°F
Las Vegas, Nevada195075.4°F
Las Vegas, Nevada194275.4°F

Coldest December Days

The coldest December days in Nevada were:

Elko, Nevada1990-33.2°F
Ely, Nevada1990-29°F
Elko, Nevada2009-22°F
Ely, Nevada1988-22°F
Ely, Nevada2010-20°F

Wettest December Days

The wettest single days in December occurred:

Ely, Nevada19813 inches
Reno, Nevada19951.6 inches
Ely, Nevada20101.4 inches
Reno, Nevada20041.2 inches
Ely, Nevada19801.1 inches