Montana, United States Climate Records

Warmest December Days

The warmest December days in Montana are:

Billings, Montana198069.1°F
Billings, Montana199066°F
Lewistown, Montana198866°F
Billings, Montana199964.9°F
Billings, Montana200464.9°F

Coldest December Days

The coldest December days in Montana were:

Lewistown, Montana1983-42.2°F
Great Falls, Montana1983-42°F
Miles City, Montana1989-40.2°F
Glasgow, Montana1977-38°F
Glasgow, Montana1989-38°F

Wettest December Days

The wettest single days in December occurred:

Lewistown, Montana19842.1 inches
Great Falls, Montana20061.9 inches
Great Falls, Montana19730.9 inches
Billings, Montana19730.8 inches
Missoula, Montana19960.8 inches