Montana, United States Climate Records

Warmest September Days

The warmest September days in Montana are:

Miles City, Montana1998103.6°F
Billings, Montana1983102.9°F
Miles City, Montana2007102.9°F
Glasgow, Montana1983102.9°F
Miles City, Montana2005102°F

Coldest September Days

The coldest September days in Montana were:

Glasgow, Montana199515.1°F
Great Falls, Montana200016°F
Lewistown, Montana198417.1°F
Lewistown, Montana198517.1°F
Lewistown, Montana198318°F

Wettest September Days

The wettest single days in September occurred:

Glasgow, Montana19781.9 inches
Miles City, Montana19861.9 inches
Great Falls, Montana19781.7 inches
Lewistown, Montana19781.7 inches
Miles City, Montana19911.6 inches