Missouri, United States Climate Records

Warmest December Days

The warmest December days in Missouri are:

Springfield, Missouri200578.1°F
Springfield, Missouri199175.9°F
St. Louis, Missouri201275°F
Springfield, Missouri198273.9°F
Springfield, Missouri201273.9°F

Coldest December Days

The coldest December days in Missouri were:

Rosecrans, Missouri1989-19.8°F
Knobnoster, Missouri1989-18.8°F
Rosecrans, Missouri1981-17.9°F
Rosecrans, Missouri1983-17.9°F
Springfield, Missouri1989-16.1°F

Wettest December Days

The wettest single days in December occurred:

St. Louis, Missouri19823.6 inches
Knobnoster, Missouri19822.8 inches
Springfield, Missouri19822.8 inches
St. Louis, Missouri20062.8 inches
Knobnoster, Missouri19842.6 inches