Mississippi, United States Climate Records

Warmest June Days

The warmest June days in Mississippi are:

Meridian, Mississippi2007117°F
Meridian, Mississippi2004106°F
Jackson, Mississippi1988105.1°F
Colombus, Mississippi1963104.4°F
Meridian, Mississippi1988104°F

Coldest June Days

The coldest June days in Mississippi were:

Meridian, Mississippi198439.9°F
Jackson, Mississippi198443°F
Colombus, Mississippi196643.3°F
Meridian, Mississippi198846.9°F
Colombus, Mississippi198848.9°F

Wettest June Days

The wettest single days in June occurred:

Colombus, Mississippi20055.8 inches
Biloxi, Mississippi19923.9 inches
Colombus, Mississippi19943.8 inches
Biloxi, Mississippi19973.6 inches
Jackson, Mississippi19893.4 inches