Minnesota, United States Climate Records

Warmest September Days

The warmest September days in Minnesota are:

Minneapolis, Minnesota197698.1°F
Minneapolis, Minnesota197896.1°F
Minneapolis, Minnesota194795.4°F
Minneapolis, Minnesota196095.4°F
Minneapolis, Minnesota195395.4°F

Coldest September Days

The coldest September days in Minnesota were:

Duluth, Minnesota197423°F
Duluth, Minnesota196223.4°F
Duluth, Minnesota197324.1°F
Duluth, Minnesota198524.1°F
Duluth, Minnesota196124.4°F

Wettest September Days

The wettest single days in September occurred:

Duluth, Minnesota19913.4 inches
Minneapolis, Minnesota19923.4 inches
Duluth, Minnesota19773.4 inches
Duluth, Minnesota19903.1 inches
Duluth, Minnesota19882.6 inches