Michigan, United States Climate Records

Warmest January Days

The warmest January days in Michigan are:

Detroit, Michigan200864.4°F
Detroit, Michigan194464.4°F
Detroit, Michigan200864°F
Mount Clemens, Michigan196763.3°F
Mount Clemens, Michigan199563°F

Coldest January Days

The coldest January days in Michigan were:

Lansing, Michigan1981-29°F
Lansing, Michigan1984-25.1°F
Detroit, Michigan1994-22°F
Lansing, Michigan1976-22°F
Oscoda, Michigan1951-22°F

Wettest January Days

The wettest single days in January occurred:

Detroit, Michigan19733.1 inches
Lansing, Michigan19801.8 inches
Traverse City, Michigan19971.8 inches
Detroit, Michigan19851.5 inches
Mount Clemens, Michigan19851.5 inches