Massachusetts, United States Climate Records

Warmest August Days

The warmest August days in Massachusetts are:

Boston, Massachusetts2002100.9°F
Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts1955100.2°F
Boston, Massachusetts1955100°F
Boston, Massachusetts1948100°F
Boston, Massachusetts1975100°F

Coldest August Days

The coldest August days in Massachusetts were:

Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts196530.4°F
Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts198236°F
Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts197636°F
Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts198637°F
Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts196437.4°F

Wettest August Days

The wettest single days in August occurred:

Boston, Massachusetts19854.7 inches
Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts19904.5 inches
Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts19853.6 inches
Nantucket, Massachusetts20093.4 inches
Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts19913.3 inches