Maine, United States Climate Records

Warmest January Days

The warmest January days in Maine are:

Portland, Maine200766.9°F
Millinocket, Maine194465.3°F
Portland, Maine200861°F
Portland, Maine200059°F
Portland, Maine199359°F

Coldest January Days

The coldest January days in Maine were:

Presque Isle, Maine2009-41.8°F
Presque Isle, Maine1995-39.1°F
Caribou, Maine2009-36.9°F
Presque Isle, Maine1957-36°F
Presque Isle, Maine1994-35.1°F

Wettest January Days

The wettest single days in January occurred:

Portland, Maine19773.5 inches
Millinocket, Maine19962.3 inches
Portland, Maine19862.3 inches
Portland, Maine19782.2 inches
Millinocket, Maine20062.2 inches