Maine, United States Climate Records

Warmest October Days

The warmest October days in Maine are:

Portland, Maine201184.9°F
Portland, Maine198684.9°F
Millinocket, Maine194484.4°F
Portland, Maine199082.9°F
Presque Isle, Maine194782.4°F

Coldest October Days

The coldest October days in Maine were:

Presque Isle, Maine199414°F
Caribou, Maine197614.9°F
Portland, Maine197614.9°F
Presque Isle, Maine194415.4°F
Caribou, Maine197816.9°F

Wettest October Days

The wettest single days in October occurred:

Portland, Maine19968.1 inches
Portland, Maine20055.1 inches
Portland, Maine19984.1 inches
Caribou, Maine19753.7 inches
Millinocket, Maine20053.7 inches