Maine, United States Climate Records

Warmest December Days

The warmest December days in Maine are:

Portland, Maine200171.1°F
Portland, Maine199870°F
Portland, Maine198269.1°F
Portland, Maine200968°F
Portland, Maine199066°F

Coldest December Days

The coldest December days in Maine were:

Presque Isle, Maine2008-32.8°F
Presque Isle, Maine1958-32.1°F
Caribou, Maine1989-31°F
Presque Isle, Maine1951-27.9°F
Presque Isle, Maine1989-27.8°F

Wettest December Days

The wettest single days in December occurred:

Portland, Maine19903 inches
Caribou, Maine20103 inches
Caribou, Maine20072.8 inches
Portland, Maine19732.7 inches
Portland, Maine19752.5 inches