Kentucky, United States Climate Records

Warmest May Days

The warmest May days in Kentucky are:

Hopkinsville, Kentucky196997.3°F
Hopkinsville, Kentucky195795.4°F
Lexington KY, Kentucky198295.4°F
Fort Knox, Kentucky198995°F
Hopkinsville, Kentucky199895°F

Coldest May Days

The coldest May days in Kentucky were:

Cincinnati, Kentucky200530°F
Cincinnati, Kentucky199430°F
Cincinnati, Kentucky200230°F
Cincinnati, Kentucky197430°F
Fort Knox, Kentucky196630.4°F

Wettest May Days

The wettest single days in May occurred:

Lexington KY, Kentucky197311 inches
Louisville, Kentucky197310.2 inches
Hopkinsville, Kentucky20105.6 inches
Fort Knox, Kentucky19954.4 inches
Hopkinsville, Kentucky19833.7 inches