Indiana, United States Climate Records

Warmest January Days

The warmest January days in Indiana are:

Evansville, Indiana198671.1°F
Indianapolis, Indiana194370.3°F
Evansville, Indiana197570°F
Evansville, Indiana200069.8°F
Evansville, Indiana197469.8°F

Coldest January Days

The coldest January days in Indiana were:

Indianapolis, Indiana1994-27°F
Indianapolis, Indiana1985-22.2°F
Fort Wayne, Indiana1985-22°F
Evansville, Indiana1977-21.1°F
South Bend, Indiana1985-21.1°F

Wettest January Days

The wettest single days in January occurred:

Indianapolis, Indiana19794.1 inches
Evansville, Indiana19733.8 inches
Indianapolis, Indiana19733.2 inches
Evansville, Indiana19822.9 inches
Fort Wayne, Indiana19732.8 inches