Hawaii, United States Climate Records

Warmest June Days

The warmest June days in Hawaii are:

Midway, Hawaii2011110.8°F
Midway, Hawaii198497°F
Honolulu, Hawaii198893°F
Honolulu, Hawaii194592.3°F
Honolulu, Hawaii194692.3°F

Coldest June Days

The coldest June days in Hawaii were:

Midway, Hawaii198560.1°F
Wheeler Afb., Hawaii198260.1°F
Wheeler Afb., Hawaii198760.8°F
Wheeler Afb., Hawaii201160.8°F
Wheeler Afb., Hawaii199860.8°F

Wettest June Days

The wettest single days in June occurred:

Barking Sands, Hawaii19823.8 inches
Midway, Hawaii19743.1 inches
Wheeler Afb., Hawaii19822.3 inches
Midway, Hawaii19762.2 inches
Midway, Hawaii20072.2 inches