Florida, United States Climate Records

Weather history and climate summary information is available for the following locations:

Warmest September Days

The warmest September days in Florida are:

Fort Myers, Florida1989106°F
Fort Myers, Florida1990105.1°F
Key West, Florida1980102.9°F
Fort Myers, Florida1994102.9°F
Pensacola, Florida2002102.9°F

Coldest September Days

The coldest September days in Florida were:

Valparaiso, Florida196743°F
Tallahassee, Florida198145°F
Tallahassee, Florida199045°F
Tallahassee, Florida198346°F
Pensacola, Florida199946°F

Wettest September Days

The wettest single days in September occurred:

West Palm Beach, Florida200410.4 inches
Jacksonville, Florida19509.8 inches
Panama City, Florida19748.8 inches
Tampa, Florida19978.1 inches
Pensacola, Florida19987.5 inches