Colorado, United States Climate Records

Warmest May Days

The warmest May days in Colorado are:

La Junta, Colorado2002104°F
La Junta, Colorado2000102.9°F
Pueblo Memorial, Colorado2000102°F
La Junta, Colorado1996100.9°F
Pueblo Memorial, Colorado2003100.9°F

Coldest May Days

The coldest May days in Colorado were:

Alamosa, Colorado201110.9°F
Alamosa, Colorado200812.9°F
Alamosa, Colorado197512.9°F
Alamosa, Colorado200314°F
Alamosa, Colorado198915.1°F

Wettest May Days

The wettest single days in May occurred:

La Junta, Colorado19957 inches
Grand Junction, Colorado19735.9 inches
Buckley, Colorado19733.8 inches
Pueblo Memorial, Colorado19952.6 inches
Colorado Springs, Colorado19992.4 inches