California, United States Climate Records

Weather history and climate summary information is available for the following locations:

Warmest September Days

The warmest September days in California are:

Palm Springs, California1982120.9°F
Palm Springs, California1990118.9°F
Red Bluff, California1988118°F
Palm Springs, California1993117°F
Palm Springs, California2007117°F

Coldest September Days

The coldest September days in California were:

San Nicolas Island, California199236°F
Edwards Afb, California194837°F
Edwards Afb, California198237°F
Fresno, California195037.4°F
Victorville, California194838.3°F

Wettest September Days

The wettest single days in September occurred:

Red Bluff, California19743.1 inches
Red Bluff, California19892.7 inches
Palm Springs, California19972.7 inches
Fairfield, California20092.4 inches
San Clemente Island, California19781.8 inches