Arkansas, United States Climate Records

Warmest April Days

The warmest April days in Arkansas are:

Fort Smith, Arkansas200696.1°F
Fort Smith, Arkansas198795°F
Blytheville, Arkansas198793.9°F
Texarkana, Arkansas200693.9°F
Fort Smith, Arkansas197493.9°F

Coldest April Days

The coldest April days in Arkansas were:

Fort Smith, Arkansas197521.9°F
Fort Smith, Arkansas198724.1°F
Fort Smith, Arkansas200724.1°F
Fort Smith, Arkansas198925°F
Fort Smith, Arkansas198326.1°F

Wettest April Days

The wettest single days in April occurred:

Fort Smith, Arkansas197310.6 inches
Little Rock, Arkansas199510.4 inches
Fort Smith, Arkansas20024.5 inches
Blytheville, Arkansas19744.3 inches
Fort Smith, Arkansas20084.3 inches