Arkansas, United States Climate Records

Warmest February Days

The warmest February days in Arkansas are:

Texarkana, Arkansas198689.1°F
Texarkana, Arkansas197786°F
Texarkana, Arkansas199686°F
Fort Smith, Arkansas196284.9°F
Texarkana, Arkansas198084.9°F

Coldest February Days

The coldest February days in Arkansas were:

Fort Smith, Arkansas1951-9°F
Fort Smith, Arkansas1979-5.1°F
Texarkana, Arkansas1951-2.9°F
Blytheville, Arkansas1979-0.8°F
Blytheville, Arkansas19580°F

Wettest February Days

The wettest single days in February occurred:

Fort Smith, Arkansas19884.1 inches
Fort Smith, Arkansas19853.8 inches
Texarkana, Arkansas20013.6 inches
Texarkana, Arkansas19983.4 inches
Fort Smith, Arkansas19733 inches