Alaska, United States Climate Records

Weather history and climate summary information is available for the following locations:

Warmest February Days

The warmest February days in Alaska are:

Unalakleet, Alaska199964.4°F
Annette Island, Alaska196363°F
Annette Island, Alaska199262.1°F
Skagway, Alaska200860.8°F
Annette Island, Alaska199360.1°F

Coldest February Days

The coldest February days in Alaska were:

Northway, Alaska1979-70.8°F
Northway, Alaska1947-69.5°F
Bettles, Alaska1979-67.9°F
Gulkana, Alaska1947-64.5°F
Bettles, Alaska1999-63.9°F

Wettest February Days

The wettest single days in February occurred:

Kodiak, Alaska19734.6 inches
Annette Island, Alaska19934.3 inches
Adak Island, Alaska19734.1 inches
Cordova, Alaska19814.1 inches
Yakutat, Alaska19843.8 inches