Alaska, United States Climate Records

Weather history and climate summary information is available for the following locations:

Warmest May Days

The warmest May days in Alaska are:

Delta Junction, Alaska200291.9°F
Delta Junction, Alaska194789.2°F
Fairbanks, Alaska194789.2°F
Fairbanks, Alaska196089.1°F
Fairbanks, Alaska199587.1°F

Coldest May Days

The coldest May days in Alaska were:

Barrow, Alaska1984-18.9°F
Barrow, Alaska1992-16.1°F
Barrow, Alaska2001-16.1°F
Barter Island, Alaska1964-15°F
Barrow, Alaska1948-14.6°F

Wettest May Days

The wettest single days in May occurred:

Gulkana, Alaska19735.5 inches
Fairbanks, Alaska19735.1 inches
Adak Island, Alaska19735 inches
Yakutat, Alaska19924.6 inches
Delta Junction, Alaska19734.3 inches