Brownsville, TX Climate in September

Temperature for September

In Brownsville, TX during September the average high temperature is 90.5°F. The hottest day on record was September 6, 2000 when the temperature hit 105.1°F.

Brownsville, TX daily average and extreme temperature range for September

Low Temperature

During September the overnight temperature drops to an average of 73.1°F, with the lowest temperature of 55.9°F being recorded on September 29, 1967. In September it has never frozen overnight.

Precipitation for September

In September the average monthly rainfall in Brownsville, TX is 3.54 inches with rain usually falling on between 9 and 10 days. 1948 was the driest September with only 0.00 inches of rain falling, and 1984 was the wettest September with 19.15 inches of rain. The wettest single day in September was 20 September 2003 when 4.90 inches of rain fell.

Tornados are reported on 0 and 1 days in September. There are thunderstorms on between 3 and 4 days in September.