Raleigh-durham, NC Climate

Summary Graph

The summary climate graph for Raleigh-durham, NC shows a selection of temperature, rainfall and snow minimum, mean and maximum measures over the course of a year. Click on each of the measures in the key to toggle them on and off.

Graph of average and extreme temperature ranges by day for Raleigh-durham, NC.


The warmest month in Raleigh Durham International, Raleigh-durham, North Carolina is July with an average high temperature of 89.3°F. The hottest day on record was August 19 1988 when the temperature hit 105.1°F. During January the overnight temperature drops to an average of 30.6°F with the lowest temperature of -9.0°F being recorded on January 21 1985.

Warmest Days

Warmest Months

Coldest Days

Coldest Months

The warmest days on record are:

19 Aug 1988105.1°F
22 Aug 2007105.1°F
30 Jun 2012105.1°F
9 Jul 2012105.1°F
29 Jul 1952104°F

The warmest months on average were:

August 200797.8°F
July 201296.8°F
July 201196.4°F
July 201095.4°F
July 198694.8°F

The coldest days on record are:

21 Jan 1985-9°F
18 Jan 1977-0.9°F
5 Feb 19960°F
9 Jan 19701°F
29 Jan 20001°F

The coldest months on average were:

January 197714.8°F
January 198120.7°F
February 197821.1°F
January 198523.2°F
December 197623.6°F


The wettest month by average rainfall in Raleigh-durham, NC is September with an average of 3.0 inches of rain falling on 9 to 10 days.Although in July it typically rains on more days with 2.6 inches falling in 13 to 14 days. The driest month in Raleigh-durham, NC is October with an average of 1.9 inches of rain falling on 8 to 9 days.

Wettest Days

The wettest days on record are:

16 September 197611.7 inches
6 September 19969.5 inches
16 September 19996 inches
6 September 20084.6 inches
5 September 20064.1 inches

Wettest Months

The wettest months on record are:

January 197330.1 inches
February 197323.3 inches
September 199921.8 inches
May 197320.9 inches
September 197618.4 inches

Driest Months

The driest months on record are:

December 19450 inches
January 19460 inches
February 19460 inches
March 19460 inches
April 19460 inches