Palm Springs, CA Climate in February

Temperature for February

In Palm Springs, CA during February the average high temperature is 74.9°F. The hottest day on record was February 28, 1986 when the temperature hit 100.0°F.

Palm Springs, CA daily average and extreme temperature range for February

Low Temperature

During February the overnight temperature drops to an average of 43.1°F, with the lowest temperature of 19.0°F being recorded on February 3, 2011. Overnight temperatures drop below freezing between 1 and 12 times in February.

Precipitation for February

In February the average monthly rainfall in Palm Springs, CA is 0.87 inches with rain usually falling on between 3 and 4 days. 1945 was the driest February with only 0.00 inches of rain falling, and 1981 was the wettest February with 8.86 inches of rain. The wettest single day in February was 8 February 1993 when 1.38 inches of rain fell.

In February there have been some years when thunderstorms have occurred, although there are other years when there hasn't been a thunderstorm in February.